We often talk about the rate of digital and virtual adoption and this article really shows the extent. 

The data points are telling: Square estimates that the decline in cash usage in the past twelve months would have taken three years without the pandemic¹. At the same time, e-commerce grew by more than 40%, banks saw digital sales increase from 25% pre-COVID to 75% during COVID and the use of FinTech apps increased more than 70% through the pandemic². 

If that is not a reason to escape the constraints of legacy core systems I don't know what is. Especially as so many platforms offer a practical and affordable way to do so without throwing out the core systems just yet. As applicable for those that have more modern platforms that are still complex, inflexible and need major upd=grades every three to five years. Not sustainable with the trends described above.

Even today I read of a car owner making a claim with a Tier One UK insurer and guess what! They could not do so out of office hours and then waiting in a phone queue for 45 minutes. And motor insurance is one of the jewels in their innovation crown. Heavens knows how home claims work.

Won't name and shame them . But how many insurers have a great and consistently digital CX 24/7 over all general insurance lines from auto to warranty?