The breath-taking scope of Elon Musk's ambitions spread widely beyond the earthbound factories and software engineering of Tesla to the galaxies. Maarten Ectors makes the point that most CEOs are focussed in  short-term financial goals rather than the innovators that will disrupt their businesses.

Ectors touches on education and the potential for Musk's Neuralink to introduce new learnings directly into your brain while you sleep which would make the wasted part of the day productive. "Sleep Academy" will be very disruptive towards traditional education. 

For someone who holds national and state governments in thrall as they seek to persuade Musk to build auto and battery Gigafactorys, plans mass transit underground by virtue of the Boring Company, launches satellites and  plans establishing communities on Mars, probably with Neurolink chips implanted in their brains for the ultimate augmented intelligence , the agenda of most CEOs must be boringly limited.

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Of course Musk is not the only entrepreneur innovating and disrupting like mad and Ectors makes a powerful case that a new breed of CEO is required. His book writes the spec. 

CEO - Driving Exponential Change: Sell before you have a product, execute agile pivots when required and scale up exponentially 

by Maarten Ectors and Nitin Kumar  | 23 Mar 2021

Just to take a narrow viewpoint: -  autonomous vehicles and robotaxis.

These developments will upend the auto insurance market and portend the nature of disruption facing CEOs and C-Suites globally. Ectors is no professor living in the ivory towers of academia, nor a populist author.

He lives and breathes commerce and business and as he says, 

"Are any of these ideas going to happen, only Elon can tell. What is more importantly is that many industries will be at the mercy of a few visionary entrepreneurs."

Best to anticipate that.