Enterprises face the contradictory goals of maintaining the stability of inherited legacy systems combined with the agile delivery of digital capabilities to an unforgiving, connected customer base.

This is where a digital transformation platform like that from 360Globalnet wraps the power of digital transformation around the stability of core systems of record. Rejuvenates, in fact, legacy backend systems.

It is also evident in those analytics & BI platforms like Logi Info that allow the development of genius apps - analytics with self-service BI embedded in an enterprise's core applications. 

Combine the two and you have a world-beating combination:-

  • Delightful customer experience and journey to match demanding digital transformation goals
  • Robust, secure and scalable integration with back-office to save time and money
  • Dramatic reduction in OPEX  combined with increase in customer satisfaction
  • Accessing most of the data- 90% to 95% across the organisation
  • Enterprise-wide analytics & complete insights for better decision making

Having the best platforms, engines and tools will not guarantee success of course. For that you need the leadership, commitment leading to actionable goals, strategies and tactics. 

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