Christopher Surdak points to Campbell's Soup potentially wrong-footing digital disrupters. How does an old school analogue manufacturer, hotel chain, service provider, insurer, bank become a disrupter?

For a start don't just try and improve things- throw away today's customer journey and user experience and design it the way customers demand it now and in the future.

Then, like Campbell's choose the technology partner(s) that will deliver the perfection that customers demand. Bring in expertise from outside who will not be constrained by today's legacy systems and entrenched views of an analogue-centric team. A Chief Digital Officer would be a start.

Domino's Pizza has achieved more digital transformation than a myriad of insurers, banks and hotels investing in digital factories and incubators without committing to action.See "Forget the pizza- look at the digital transformation"

Surdak makes a compelling and practical case that you need to fully embrace the Digital Holy Trinity.

  1. Mobility
  2. Social Media
  3. Analytics

How- Buy his book "Jerk- Twelve Steps to Rule the World"It will be the best $15 you spend. 

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